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How might I design a fine arts group exhibition to promote emerging artists in campus galleries across the United States?

project scope

︎Exhibition Design
︎Brand Identity
︎Packaging Design 


In the fall of 2020 I started working as the Assistant Director at Montana State University’s Exit Gallery. Like many exhibitions in the unprecedented year of 2020, two of our shows were unexpectedly canceled. The challenge to fill the space quickly compelled me to think critically about our student body’s needs during the pandemic. I realized those needs were acutely focused on inclusion and providing a platform for connection during a time of incredible separateness and anxiety.


How did we go from having an empty gallery to curating a show that features many emerging artists? I started planning what would become “the pop up exhibit.” In October of 2020, we welcomed 36 artists of diverse academic backgrounds, a majority of whom had never exhibited before, to be represented in a show named “Our Now.” Each artist had received a 5”x5” wooden shadow box and encouraged to manipulate the diverse canvas to include all mediums and ideas.

It was so successful, we have hosted three more shows since. In the fall of 2022, I decided to expand the idea and create a pop up pack for campus galleries across the country to use and host their own pop up exhibitions. Pop up can sub in for unexpected vacancies, fill in an empty week or two in a gallery schedule, or be a planned show. It is a versatile exhibition that works to represent many emerging artists and build representation in a group show setting.

The Exit Gallery, Montana State University, the first pop up “Our Now” October 2020

origins of pop up

︎Pop up was designed by emerging artists, for emerging artists, in a campus space.

Selected artwork from pop up: Amelia Fountain, Jonathan Haberman, Meta Newhouse

pop up has been tested.

4 exhibitions

Pop up has exhibited 4 times at The Exit Gallery. As director, I had the opportunity to work out the problems and hurdles to find it final form as seen below.

pop up makes an impact.

800% increase

in showing artists in one academic year. Tested at the Exit Gallery, where their exhibiting artist count went from only 10, to over 80 through just adding one pop up to their schedule.

pop up solves a problem.

75+ student artists

at MSU were directly, positively impacted by pop up by giving them the opportunity to show their work. Many collegiate artists leave college not having exhibited their work in a fine arts gallery space. Pop up changes that.


︎B&W logo & logo iterations 


︎zine mailer

The zine explains to gallerists everything they need to know about pop up in a succinct mailer format.


The poster promotes the show to students. It not only tells them why they should submit work but also how.

how it works

︎an all inclusive pack

That’s right. Once a gallery director purchases a show, the all inclusive box will be sent to their gallery where they can start to distribute canvases right to artists. Each pop up pack is customizable with 100-300 boxes

packaging design


Each wooden shadow box, or “canvas” that is included in the pop up pack have their own sleeves that includes everything the artist needs to know about the show. It include customizable directions, two reception tickets, an artist form (for install purposes), and of course pop up branding.

Accreditation: Meta Newhouse and Ashley Fuchs – Academic Supervisors. Emmalea Chan – Product Photography.